Printed Label

Printed Label:

For almost10 years, we’ve been manufacturing outstanding printed labels. Our state of the art equipment and experienced printers can help you achieve the perfect look for your labeling needs. UISPLTD We use the modern system to print any color you can dream of. We are able to match your logo or other art to create or reinforce the brand identity you have created for your product. Our color limitation is your imagination!

At UISPLTD, we can make virtually any size label you need. Widths can range from 1⁄4” to 3 ” (6 mm to 62mm) and lengths can range from 1⁄2” to 12” (12mm to 290mm). To expand your printing surface area, we are able to print on both sides of a label. Double sided printing is especially useful for labels that have large amounts of information.
We can print on just about any kind of material or substrate, from synthetic fibers such as satins and nylons to natural fabrics such as cottons. We also have the ability to dye tapes to meet your specific color requirements.
So whether you need an elaborate label or a federally required care/content label, we’ve got you covered. TAG(s) we’re it!