Offset Printing

Offset Printing:

A dedication to providing the highest level offset printing quality has been one of the key factors in our success. While there are certainly many offset printing companies in operation today, Universal Icon Sourcing Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide our clients with the best quality, most options, and superior service. Providing quality offset printing which can be customized to fit your exact demands combined with our commitment to superior service has made us a one stop shop for many of our clients.
Universal Icon Sourcing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few printers in Bangladesh and only printers with a national online presence. A print quality far superior to that produced through conventional. Comparing our offset printing quality to that of other printers is similar to comparing the image quality.
Given the number of options, selecting the right commercial offset printer can be a difficult decision. Often a printer will offer quality but not customization. Another printer might offer options but lack customer service. Universal Icon Sourcing Pvt. Ltd. excels in providing quality, options and services.
***Remember... Not all printing is created equal!

Offset Printing Item:
  1. Hang Tag
  2. Price Tag
  3. Stickers
  4. Back Board
  5. Photo Board
  6. Printed Box