Elastic & Twill Tape


We offer twill tape made of highly refined cotton, linen, polyester and other mixed fabrics. They are pliable and used in sewing and tailoring, to reinforce seams, make casings, bind edges, and making ties for closing garments. Our flat twill tapes are woven to create a crisp and unique appearance with lustrous finish and are highly recommended for small clothes, edging a baby blanket, heirloom sewing, doll making, scrap bookmaking, couture clothing or museum restorations.


Knitted elastic are less expensive and popular, due to a wide variety of tensions and thickness available in the range. Knitted elastic are applied in waist bands, gloves, suspenders, belts, face mask straps, sporting goods, sweat bands, horse blankets and elastic pockets, among others. These knitted elastic are identified by the crosswise and parallel ribs creating a window-pane effect. It has the property of not narrowing on being stretched and can easily be stitched through. Knitted elastic may be available in a large variety of widths & styles. Elastics are knitted from a wide variety of fabrics such as cotton, polyester etc. They may also be woven with natural rubber as per customer requirement.